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  • October 2014

    Date Title Presenter
    2014-10-18 None But Jesus Brent Lewis & Arielle Clark Play
    2014-10-18 Loving Act - Matt. 26:12, 13 Pastor Rick Play
    2014-10-11 Worship in Music Praise Team Play
  • September 2014

    Date Title Presenter
    2014-09-27 Worship in Music Praise Team Play
    2014-09-27 Sermonette Nia Rangrej Play
    2014-09-27 Oceans Nicole Cordero, Danielle Costa & Victoria Cordero Play
  • August 2014

    Date Title Presenter
    2014-08-30 Worship in Music Praise Team Play
    2014-08-30 Above All Jacque & Ben Kipps Play
    2014-08-30 Baby Dedication - Analis A. Gonzalez Pastor Rick Play

Bible Says

The Rating Scale

We all have one. Maybe it’s from one to ten, maybe it’s a list, or maybe it’s more subtle and sub...

Adventist Review

Wilson Calls for ‘Good Report’ at Church’s 150th Anniversary

The church leader speaks at Bordoville, the first Adventist church to open in New England in 1864.

‘What Do These Landmark Stones Mean? Bring Back a Good Report’

Transcript of President Ted N.C. Wilson’s sermon at the 150th anniversary of the Bordoville church.

Signs of the Times

Poetry in Motion

Mark Trodd made an interesting discovery one day while reading the Bible.

10 Fun Family Activities

A family who exercises together stays healthy together. Andrew Cate outlines how you can enjoy family fitness and fun.

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