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  • March 2015

    Date Title Presenter
    2015-03-28 Occupation - John 21:4, 5 Pastor Rick Play
    2015-03-21 Worship in Music Praise Team Play
    2015-03-21 Because He Lives Robbie & Olga Stockford Play
  • February 2015

    Date Title Presenter
    2015-02-28 Lead Me To The Cross Monica Basantes Play
    2015-02-28 Needed - Isaiah 11:2 Pastor Rick Play
    2015-02-21 Worship in Music Praise Team Play
  • January 2015

    Date Title Presenter
    2015-01-31 Worship in Music Praise Team Play
    2015-01-31 On My Knees Wendy Gonzalez Play
    2015-01-31 God Meant - Genesis 50:20 Pastor Rick Play

Bible Says

No Headlights!

I was driving in a city a couple of hours from my home. I’d been having trouble with my car’s ele...

Adventist Review

ADRA Keeps Nearly 100,000 Refugees Warm in Middle East

The Adventist agency releases the results of its winter program for Syrians and Iraqis the past t...

Adventist Pastor Miraculously Survives Deadly Flood in Chile

ADRA, meanwhile, helps people affected by flashfloods in Chile and Peru.

Signs of the Times

Is God a Delusion?

Nobody has ever seen God. Scientists can’t prove that He exists. So can we really believe in Him? Clifford Goldstein gives an answer to this important question.

Super Sprouts

Remember when alfalfa was in sandwiches and at salad bars? Sprouts are becoming popular again, and now many more kinds are available.

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