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  • The Lord Blessed me with an beautiful apartment after the man I was living with kicked me out due to his drunkenness. I then got fired from my job after I got the apartment. I have to have my months rent paid in full by Monday 9/29/14 night otherwise I will have to move I dont have anywhere to go and now no job. Please Lord I Pray that you will favor me with a chance to turn this horrible situation ard again for the better.I honestly cant take losing my apartment after just losing my job. Im so hurt and broken. I was also robbed at gun point with the man I was living with he ran off and left me behind with the 2 gunmen, I will be meeting with the detectives soon and the States Atty office, while he will not be there with me Lord bring me out of this with so many Blessings that my cup will begin to overflow from Your Love. I want to give such a powerful testimony from this. Lord thank You for All that You have done for me and ALL that You may continue to do. I Love You Lord. IJN AMEN
    Salvation - - September 29, 2014
  • Please Pray for Bill Bounsall . Because of prison politics Bill has been bedridden in a Prison Hospital for many months and has been through many surgeries . Pray for his complete healing In JESUS Name. Bill is bored out of his mind and likes to receive mail. If anyone would like to right him a letter to let him know your praying for him or would like to send him a note of encouragement , you can send him mail at the address below. Bill Bounsall AH-4098 ACH-A#17 PO BOX 3456 Corcoran, CA 93212 Hospital
    - September 04, 2014
  • Prior and current , also every since is started school , I find myself getting a really bad state of daily depressive which worsen day by day, ever when i pass my test the depression Is still there. No really sure where the depressive state is stemming from.. It lots of information to study and I need to remember to pass the course.. Please pray for god to remove that negative state from me subconsciously, and make me happy and for me to retain all information and give back all material I study with ease . thanks
    charles wright - August 19, 2014
  • Greetings in Jesus' name. Please pray for God to work out my job situation, and that of a friend of mine. He lives a little over 1250 miles from me, and getting a job where I am may lead to our getting married. Thanks for your prayers. God bless you.
    - July 05, 2014
  • Pray for my wife's hip surgery to go well next week and that the restructuring of the bone heals correctly and her pain goes away.
    Darrell M - May 20, 2014
  • Please Please Please Pray the HOLY SPIRIT leads as many people possible to pray for this Prayer Request...Please Pray with all your faith that GOD will Bless me (Phil Chavez) with my Soul Mate as soon as it is possible with GOD .I've never had a girlfriend and been Praying and hoping for one for at least 20 years,I'm 42 years old now....Pray also GOD Blesses every person that Prays for me...Thank You
    Phil Chavez - May 14, 2014
  • Please pray for my mom, Vada, who has alzheimers, that she be able to get into a facility where she is comfortable and well taken care of., and that she be peaceful and happy. We love her and this has been very hard for her. Thank you.
    Angie Hunter - October 22, 2013
  • Please pray for my brother justin and his girlfriend sherri and the three kids that God will guide them in the right path they suppose to go they are new in the area and they would need parenting conselling.please pray for them.thank u justin jones and his girlfriend sherrie
    nadya jones - July 19, 2013
  • Please pray for my son Preston, who fell off his bicycle on the left side of his face and knocked himself out for a few minutes. He got abrasions and a cut under and above his left eye. The doctor said the brain scan came out fine, but please pray that his brain and head will continue to be fine. Also please pray that the abrasions and the cuts on his face will not leave any scars. Scars are rebuked from his face. I asked it in the Name of Jesus.Thank you..
    Esther Johnson - February 22, 2013
  • I am requesting for special prayer for god to send unlimited angels of protection shield and happiness around me and my fiancé and financial prosperity around Charles and Lisa to better our relationship. Free up time to developed all talents god gave me. Also please pray for my brother Randolph to get back all his children from ACS. God to work his miracles make a big change in my brothers life and give him the finance in abundance and property needed to raise his children in the lord and special shield of protection around the kids. This is very serious , I want to see them raise as seventh day advertise and not to be adopted and raised in the world. Please send out to pray meetings and pastors , and would god through Christ directed attention on these subject. .thank you.
    charles wright - February 14, 2013
  • Please pray for Joanna as she battles pneumonia, diabetes and illness, pray that God helps her make a full recovery and that she will make it in God's kingdom Thank You!!
    K. . - December 26, 2012
  • Please pray for my family that lives in NY. Also pray that God leads me into the path that he wants me to go. Please pray for my siblings. Also pray that I make the right decisions. In addition to pray that I get sponsors for Mission Trip.
    Passion Bell - November 13, 2012
  • I am a teacher. Please pray that God will allow me to transfer to a new school this week, where I am more comfortable and better administration and students. I am very stressed out where Im currently located and its not getting better.
    anonymous . - October 09, 2012

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